Escaping Jakarta for the weekend: Novotel Bogor

Bogor is our go-to destination for an easy weekend getaway with the kids and we were there just recently and as always, we stayed at the Novotel. The rooms are simple but comfortable, and the highlights of this hotel are the beautiful grounds and the kid-friendly facilities: nice indoor playroom and outdoor playground, shallow pool for children, free pony rides on weekends (Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings), kid entertainment by the breakfast area… There are two restaurants in the hotel: Indonesian  and Italian restaurants, providing enough variety for a weekend stay.

We usually book our stay through the hotel’s website, where we find better packages and discounts than on regular booking websites (they usually have a family package that offers a 50% discount on a second room).

If you go to Bogor, I highly recommend visiting the Botanical Garden as well as Kuntum Farmfield (more details here).

Few tips if you decide to go there:

  • Bogor is slightly cooler and rainier than Jakarta, so  it’s best to pack a light sweater and perhaps some books and toys to keep the kids busy.
  • Light sleepers should request a room as far away as possible from the main restaurants (live band playing on Saturdays from 7 to 10pm).
  • Expect anywhere between 1h15min to 3 hour by car from Central Jakarta to Bogor during the weekend.

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