Going out with the kids: Kuntum Farmfield (Bogor)

Kuntum Farmfield is an organic educational farm that is really designed for kids to interact with animals (fish, cows, goats, sheeps, rabbits, ducks and chickens): food can be purchased on site to feed the animals, including milk bottles for baby ones.

Elliott, who is particularly passionate about fish and marine life in general, found the perfect place to play. For Rp 100,000, we were able to rent a little pond with shallow water where  farmers put a dozen fish for visitors to catch (they provide plastic baskets but people also went with their hands!). I saw the previous family packing the fish they had caught in a plastic bag so I guess they were included in the price!

The kids absolutely loved playing with the animals. The entire place is beautifully designed and well kept which makes for a nice day out for the whole family.

No need to pack meals, the cafeteria located in the entrance provides simple but decent meals (gado gado and the likes).

There are lots of shaded areas throughout the farm, and visitors can even get woven hats (they have small kids size too).

Kuntum Farmfield

Raya Tajur No.291 . Jawa Barat – BOGOR


Opened Monday till Sunday, from 8:00 to 18:00
Ticket price: Rp40,000/person

Expect a 2-3 hour journey from Central Jakarta on weekends, and 30min from our favourite hotel there, Novotel Bogor (more details here).

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