Hi there!

My name is Vi and am currently living in Jakarta with my husband and two kids.

My parents are Vietnamese, but grew up in France and moved to China in 2005 for a 1 year exchange program. Turns out I stayed for the next 10 years (!!), met my husband , and had our two children there.

Fast forward to 2015, we decided to move to Jakarta and couldn’t find much about life as an expat in the Big Durian. Most of the English resources I could find then were about traffic, pollution and lack of green space… and while these are definitely true and challenging, there is SO MUCH to enjoy in this city. Here I share my discoveries and hope this will inspire you to explore Jakarta.

Would you like to get in touch? Feel free to send an email to teamcurious.asia[a]gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the read!