My name is Vi and I am the founder of Team Curious.

I am currently living in Jakarta with my husband and two kids (Elliott born 2013 and Emma in 2015).

My parents are Vietnamese but I was born and raised in France. I moved to China in 2005 as an exchange student and little did I know, I would stay in that country for the next 10 years (in Guangzhou, then Shanghai) where I met my husband and had our two children!

Fast forward to 2015, we all moved to Jakarta and missed a lot of things from our previous life in Shanghai: daycare (great for our kids and for us working parents), a job that I loved, being able to walk and bike everywhere… The transition wasn’t easy but little by little, we are figuring out ways to make the best of our new life in the Big Durian.

Here on my blog, I try to answer the questions that make my everyday life : there are the easy ones (What do we do on rainy days? Where could we go this weekend? What do we cook for dinner? Where do I find this or that?) and the more difficult ones (Who am I without a job? How do I raise my kids to be compassionate and tolerant individuals?).

I’d love to hear from you, if there is something you’d like me to write about or simply wish to contact me, please send an email to teamcurious.asia@gmail.com. You can also follow me on Instagram here.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will enjoy the read!