Packing for an Indonesian beach holiday

It’s hard to pack light when traveling in Indonesia, especially when visiting remote parts and planning for every scenario. Here’s a peek inside our suitcase:

  1. Sunhats: not just any hats, waterproof ones with a strap (which we can wear while swimming, bodyboarding and surfing…)
  2. Children size life vest (Adult sized one may be provided, rarely the case for children size)
  3. Several sets of long sleeve rashguards or swimsuits (we’ve used shortsleeve in the past and did not love the bicolor arms!). We get them from Decathlon, Quicksilver/Roxy, or Billabong. They are great for surfing, sun protection and showing less skin in a country where it’s not the norm. Swim shorts and leggings are a must too (watch out for those bum burns when snorkeling).
  4. Headlights – Sooo fun for night hunting! 
  5. Snorkeling gear 
  6. Sea shoes for everybody (it’s not always all sand on the seafloor)
  • After sun balm. French people swear by Biafine, but I’ve found Aloe Vera gel to be equally (if not more) effective and widely available locally. 
  • For the face, we use sticks
    • This Shiseido stick is the only one our kids don’t hate (so easy to apply, totally transparent, and does not feel sticky). 
    • We also use Supergoop’s clean creds, this one leaves a white film and is a bit strong on the smell side but resists well in water. 
  • And we use these refillable applicators for the rest of the body, and fill them with any UV cream
  • Mosquito bite relief (coconut oil + lavender essential oil inside a roll-on we get from Tokopedia – really works!)
  • Mosquito repellent – we like Utama Spice’s 
  • Basic Medecine (allergies, stomach aches, fever, small wounds…)

  1. Entertainment in case of rain, our favorites are: Compact games (kids love Exploding kittens, Dobble, Taco Cat, Uno)
  2. Watercolor pencils, drawing paper and coloring books
  3. Cash for tips
  4. Binoculars – not a must but always cool to have on hand
  5. Books And Snacks always 🙂 

All of our holiday gear is grouped into large boxes that we simply pull out whenever we go on holiday. 

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