Camping in Sentul with ID Guides

If I told you we just went camping only 1h30 from Jakarta and very much enjoyed it, would you believe me?

Pictures speak louder than words so here are some photos if you’d like to see 🙂

It was our family’s first camping trip and we weren’t equipped at all but ID Guide arranged everything for us from start to finish: they set up camp, prepared our dinner, lighted a bonfire and even had hot cocoa ready with it!

We only stayed one night and arrived in the mid afternoon, leaving the next day around noon. ID Guide suggested this program which is exactly what we did. Everyone had fun, a quick but very refreshing break from the city. The camp is set on a beautiful site, on a small hill among ricefields that will make you forget you are only 1h30 away from Jakarta. We’ll definitely be back!

Things to pack:

  • Swimsuits for kids to play at the river
  • Pillows (not provided at the camp, you can probably buy inflatable ones from Decathlon)
  • Lights (flashlights, head torches…)
  • Warm clothes for slightly cooler evening weather
  • Snacks and marshmallows for the bonfire!
  •  Comfy shoes (for the family walk or hike)
  • Sun gear and mosquito repellent (although not really a problem there)

Booking can be done through ID Guide website but make sure you book well in advance as confirmation can be a bit slow. And if camping is not for you, it is still worth coming for a half day trail (more info here) or family walk (suitable with young kids).

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