An easy day out in Sentul (Leuwi Pangaduan)

Sentul is great for hiking, camping and I thought it might be great for fishing too. That’s how I found Leuwi Pangaduan, a place which offers very unexciting fishing but an easy day outdoors for the family. 

We come here for the gorgeous views over the mountains and paddy fields, and the natural swimming pool.

A few step upwards, still within the park, you’ll also find:

  • a fishing pond (but it doesn’t look like there are any fish) 
  • a run-down playground and camping grounds which we haven’t tested

When to go?

It is crowded on the weekend so it is best to go on weekdays and weekends during Ramadan. 

What to bring?

  • A good picnic (you can buy Indomie and fresh coconuts there) 
  • Swimmers and sunscreen
  • The huts are made of bamboo and are unfurnished, foldable chairs or mats would be nice
  • Fishing equipment
  • A bit of cash to pay for the entrance tickets bamboo hut rental 
  • Your dog! this place is dog friendly but I would only recommend to bring one on a very quiet day (regular weekend would not be appropriate in my opinion).

How to get there? 

The place very easily accessible (close to the toll exit, about 1h -1h30 away from south Jakarta).

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