Visiting Menteng: Antique hunting and Coffee at Giyanti

If you are new to Jakarta or have visitors coming, exploring the green district of Menteng is a must. An easy (and lazy) way to do so is to walk down Jalan Surabaya to see the Antique sellers and end with lunch or coffee at Giyanti (don’t go too early as the sellers usually open their shops around 10-11am).

Are the antiques real? Most likely no… but there are many gems to be found (china, silverware, local crafts, 70 years old restored radio…) and as long as you aren’t spending a fortune, authenticity isn’t that important.

Giyanti has developed quite a reputation among coffee enthusiasts in Jakarta. While I do love all the new perfectly designed and branded coffee places popping up around the city, Giyanti is perhaps the only place with a soul. The coffee is fantastic and you can enjoy it  with homemade pastries or after a simple Vietnamese meal (the food comes from the restaurant next door, Madame Ching).

Giyanti Coffee Roasters

Jl. Surabaya No. 20 , Jakarta Pusat

Opened from Tuesday till Saturday, from 9:30-17:30

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