Fishing Places in Jakarta 

When we were in France in the middle of the pandemic, our son picked up fishing and it has become an obsession since then. I was skeptical he would be able to continue once back in Jakarta but we managed to find a few spots where he can enjoy fishing and we (parents and sister) can simply enjoy being outdoors. 

Instagram can be tricky but in this case, the pictures matched reality. The grounds are beautiful and the fishing was great (or so I am told!). The ride was a bit painful, but luckily we all had a nice day out. 

What you need to know:

  • It took us over an hour to get there (the last stretch was on a bumpy dirt road), and almost 2 hours to come back.
  • Weekend bookings need to be done a few weeks in advance 
  • There is no plan B in case of rain (there is only a small house which would not be able to hold all of the guests should they be fully booked). Considering the length of the ride, it’s a risky bet.
  • Guests cannot bring their own food (we offered to pay extra but that didn’t work either) and the restaurant on-site only offers basic food

I would definitely recommend it to people who live close by and would probably try it again during dry season when the weather is slightly more predictable. 

This place is known by die-hard fishing enthusiasts and is only suitable to them. My husband took our son and had enough with just one visit. 

This place is our favorite because it is easiest to get to (only 30min from Cipete/Kemang area on the weekend). The grounds are fairly big, well maintained, equipped with tables and chairs in shaded areas. It’s a pleasant place for a family outing. We usually go together with a few families, bring our picnic (simple food is available there too), board games, drawing material, and spend a few hours.

There are 2 large fishing ponds with farmed fish. Catching them is easy, so the kids definitely don’t get bored.

The entrance fee is very affordable (around 50,000 for one family if I remember well) but those who fish will have to pay for their catch (the price is per kilo and can add up to a few hundred more)

Other places we have tried

  • Fishing pond a Kuntum Nurseries 

There is a small fishing pond there but it didnt look like there was anything to be caught. 

  • Ancol – save yourself the trip, unless you enjoy fishing plastic 

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