DIY activity for kids: blind tasting

My son loves this activity, and it was surprising to see that it took him a little while to recognize rice (something he eats almost everyday!), that he though tofu was chicken (even though he claims he doesn’t like tofu but likes chicken). Obviously it’s a great way to develop senses, but also vocabulary and perhaps a good way to introduce new foods that he might refuse otherwise (like a green colored smoothie).


  • Food

Unless your child is particularly open to new food, it’s probably easier to choose things that he/she likes. It’s nice to mix texture, temperature, and tastes

  • Something to cover the eyes (or else, the child can simply close his eyes)

How to play?

  • Blindfold the child (or ask him to close his eyes)
  • Place the food into your child’s mouth and ask him/her to describe the taste, texture and guess what it is
  • Swap roles (or start the other way around to make your child more comfortable)

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