Shopping for Indonesian handmade gifts at Paisley Things

I just googled “when to decorate for Christmas”, why? I cant wait to put up our Christmas tree and the newly found decorations from Paisley Things (btw, google’s answer is late November, early December).

The story of Paisley Things started seven years ago, when the founder Caroline Tobing, decided to help a local craftsman by selling his handmade bamboo brooms to the French community of Jakarta. The success was immediate and from there grew the idea of supporting local artisans. Paisley Things is run as a program of the Darius Tobing’s foundation (also founded by Caroline Tobing), and introduces artisans to new designs, provides working tools,  offers financial support and of course sells the product of their work in the store located in Kebayoran Baru.

Paisley Things offers unique handmade Indonesian crafts, with designs that are inspired from Caroline’s well traveled life (she spent part of her childhood in Indonesia, and later years in Singapore, the US…), using as much as possible recycled material.

This time of the year is the perfect time to visit the shop, whether to buy some gifts or to decorate your home for Christmas. I couldn’t resist picking up some Christmas tree decorations and some presents for my relatives.

More on Paisley Things and its founder here on A Journey Bespoke.

Batik baby blanket lined with organic cotton
Advent calendar
Bamboo Christmas tree and decoration (the tree comes in different sizes and can be entirely dismantled)
Shopping bags made of recycled material

“Pre-used hotel linens are dyed, sewn and embroidered to give recyclables a second beautiful life”

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