Learning something new

Not working has been frustrating at times, but I try as much as possible to see it as an opportunity: to spend time with family, to discover a new culture and language, and to study something new. I’m using Coursera at the moment to learn about Nutrition and Programing, but there are many other platforms. Coursera is really easy to use, has a large library and partners with great schools. Even though it isn’t as interactive as going to an actual school with teachers and classmates, I am loving being able to pick and choose topics of interest and studying at my own pace.

When I arrived in Jakarta, I did look into going back to school to study something completely different from my original background and found a few places that teach in English (long and short courses) such as Esmod (Fashion design and business school), Raffles (design, business, hospitality, health sciences and technology industries) or even Cosmic Montessori (for Montessori educators).

And for those who dont want to commit too much time, Indoestri and MauBelajarApa might be worth looking into as they organize workshops of a few hours up to several days on a variety of topics: from crafts to business-related matters. I’ve attended a workshop organized by MauBelajarApa about App building and found it interesting and well organized. I was the only foreigner there but the speaker made his presentation in english (I sent an email beforehand to check what language would be used).


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