Holiday gift guide for the hard-to-shop for women in your life

  1. Indigo kit from here
  2. Fun jewelry from Kerenissi Bali
  3. Colouful Shoes from Bro.Do
  4. Beautiful Puzzles from Cloudy Fields
  5. Aromatherapy candles from Narasi Studio 
  6. A donation to an organization that does meaningful work. For me, that would be Roshan Learning, a learning space for refugees in Jakarta. 
  1. Artwork from Ines Kamtaso 
  2. Handmade paper flowers from Lilcoflowers
  3. Dress from Hesty Adisoewignyo
  4. Ceramics workshop or retreat with Ayu Alarasati. I went to her first retreat in Anyer this year and would definitely recommend it.
  5. Rattan woven clutch from here

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