Holiday gift guide for the little people in your life

Hi there! I’ve been too busy to write lately but I thought I’d put together a gift guide for this upcoming holiday. Here’s a selection of gifts that are an alternative to the big toy stores. And I promise I’ll be back for more soon 🙂 

  1. Climbing wall points (from here)
  1. A petanque set (from here)
  1. Thumb piano (from here)
  1. A knife for outdoor adventures (this one is made for kids and doubles as a whistle) 
  1. Books. My kids were really into the 5 worlds series and Katie the Catsitter and Lightfall. I have found some on Tokopedia (try Periplus, or this store or this one) but if it is out of stock, you can try the Book Depository (delivery takes 1-2 months) 
  2. Handmade balinese kite (from here)
  1. Embroidery kit (from here)
  1. Portable microscope (from here, this store has many other cute gifts)
  1. Wooden toys from Fred Helligh or LittleMonq
  1. Candle making set (from here)
  1. Magic show kit (from here). Our kids loved Magic Camp , that movie and the kit make the perfect combo.
  1. Disco ball – I know it seems a bit off topic but my daughter actually asked for one! (from here)

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