Hiring household staff in Jakarta with Kasicare.com


As someone who has had the chance to employ household staff, I know how much they contribute to the well-being of our family and how difficult it can be to find the right fit. 

It was during our first year in Indonesia that I learned about the worker’s side of the story. Most of my days were then spent with nannies at the playground and exchanging with domestic workers taught me about the actual cost of finding a job, and how the lack of regulation exposes them to abuse and exploitation. 

I knew there was a better way to connect families with domestic workers and helped start www.Kasicare.com, an ethical recruitment platform with a network of thousands of job seekers. Among them nannies, housekeepers, cooks, caregivers and drivers who have previous experience working with expat families. 

Successful hires are not just a question of luck and here I share what I know about hiring great household staff. Hope you will find this useful!

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