Weekend at the mall (Grand Indonesia)

Some weekends are more inspired than others but when it is raining and we are desperate to go out, we usually head to Grand Indonesia at opening time (before it gets too crowded), take a few rides at Carniville and have lunch at Pizza Marzano.

Carniville is located on the 5th floor of the East mall and offers a few rides for little ones (Rp20,000/pax) and a little playground. After that we usually head to Pizza Marzano for lunch (on the other side, West mall). The restaurant is quite kid-friendly, in fact birthday and parties are often organized there. Coloring pages and pencils are always available and the kid menu allows them to make their own pizza (kid menu includes drink + pizza or pasta + desert + hat and apron for Rp78,000). We (parents) also enjoy eating there (not just any Pizza Marzano but the branch at Grand Indo, we’ve tried others and they weren’t as good) so it’s a win-win!

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