My favourite local products

One thing I really like about living in Jakarta is being able to find great local products (that was much more difficult in China). Besides fruits and vegetables, many local products make it to our weekly grocery list. Not only are those high quality products, but most of them come from companies who make it their mission to support their local community and farmers.

Van Landa Potato Chips

These chips are delicious and I’ll usually eat a full bag on my own. There are several flavours but my favourite is the sea salt original.

Big Tree Farms Sea Salt

This salt is really good and I use it to season dishes right before serving (rather than for cooking) in order retain its taste.

Javara noodles

Our kids love pasta and Javara’s flavoured noodles are a nice change to their meals. We also like their range of spices.

Big Tree Farms Raw Cocoa Powder

We love this cocoa powder by Big Tree Farms, which we use to make this vegan chocolate mousse.

East Bali Cashew Granola

My husband loves these granolas, I just wish there weren’t so hard to find (they come and go and I haven’t been able to find them in months).

Sunria Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar seems to be a healthier alternative to regular table sugar, but we mostly use it for its taste and because it dilutes very easily into liquid (even cold ones), which makes it much easier to use for salad dressing and sauces. I also use it in cake recipes (usually by substituting half the sugar amount with coconut sugar) to give it a slightly different taste.

Greenfields Boccocini

Imported mozzarella is outrageously expensive but this locally-made alternative is actually good (soft, elastic texture) and more reasonably priced. It’s perfect for homemade pizzas.

Rosalie’s Chevre (goat cheese)

Rosalie make artisan’s cheese locally and their fresh goat cheese is delicious. It’s a bit hard to find (Pak Stephan mentionned above sometimes has some), and here is a list of re-sellers.


Activated charcoal is a well-known remedy for food poisoning . This can be found in most convenience store and supermarkets.


Do you have any favourite local product ?


Side note: I usually do all of our grocery online with the HappyFresh App and order from GrandLucky SCBD (more choice of product and competitive prices). The Rp20,000 delivery fee is well worth the time I save. The only problem is that the website doesn’t update stocks in real-time so some of the products found in the supermarket might not be available on HappyFresh and vice-versa.

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