Green makeover in the bathroom

As we try to reduce plastic waste and exposure to harmful chemical, we’ve made a few changes in the products we use in the bathroom and it has been  surprisingly easy to find everything locally. Here’s a quick shopping guide:

  • Hair

I’ve used this shampoo bar for a few weeks now, which works well for my hair (normal to oily). It comes individually wrapped in a linen bag, but you could probably request a single bag for several bars.

I try not to shampoo everyday and use homemade dry shampoo between washes (4 tbsp of cornstarch + 2 tbsp of cocoa powder, I apply it with a large makeup brush, leave it on for 2 minutes and brush it out).

  • Solid toothpaste

I brought a little stock from my last trip to France (LOVE this brand btw) but you could also find alternatives here.

  • Face

I’ve abandoned face cream and makeup remover and replaced all of it with coconut oil. I don’t particularly love the smell of coconut and use my regular cooking oil, non-aroma oil from Javara and add a few drops of lavender essential oil. It works great as a moisturizer and also as make up remover (including for eye makeup remover).

I also brought washable makeup pads from France but there are also available here.

  • Sun protection

Do you know that most common sunscreens are damaging to coral reefs? Lucky for us, local brand Sensatia has a biodegradable sunscreen which can be ordered online. It’s a butter rather than a cream and therefore is difficult to spread but we mainly use it for our faces and otherwise use clothing for protection (hats, long sleeve rashguards for the whole family).

  • Cotton buds

You can replace regular plastic cotton buds with bamboo ones, or even better with a reusable bamboo spoon.

  • Menstrual cup (unfortunately, not pictured here!)

And since we’re already talking deeeeeeply personal stuff, here’s one more. If you aren’t already using one, treat yourself to a menstrual cup, not only is it greener (1 cup = 10 years of pads/tampons!) but LIFE CHANGING! (just type menstrual cup on tokopedia, there are hundreds of sellers)

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