Going out with the kids: BFC Minifarm (Bintaro)

BFC minifarm is an educational farm geared towards children located in Bintaro area. The entrance ticket (Rp75,000) gives visitors access to a guided tour of the property (mainly in Indonesian with a bit of English), children can see hedgehogs, freshwater lobsters, turtles and rabbits. We were given simple explanation about the various animals and how to care for them and the kids had the opportunity to touch and interact with each animal (sometimes in questionable ways, like sitting on top of a 100 year old turtle…).

The real highlight for Elliott was the final part of the tour where kids are given little fishnets and are free to catch fish and lobsters in a shallow pool. He had a blast and spent more than an hour splashing in the water and running after lobsters.

Kids can try fishing red tilapia from a separate pond (rod and bait provided and any catch can be brought home). The farm also has a little restaurant where visitors can eat the lobsters from the farm (Rp100,000/5 lobsters).

It is quite a long ride (one hour plus from Central Jakarta) and the animals could probably receive better care but the kids enjoyed this outing. I’m very ambivalent about this place, I personally did not find it very enjoyable, it didn’t look clean, the animals were not well cared for… but then Elliott had a blast and I could totally see myself going down there again just to make him happy. Parenthood…

We were there at the end of Christmas break and the place was empty (the farm is probably busier during school year with fieldtrips).

For a more complete farm experience, I highly recommend visiting Kuntum nurseries in Bogor, further but also much bigger and the kids can see (pet and feed) bigger animals such as cows, goats…

BFC Minifarm

Opens daily from 9 to 5pm

BFC Minifarm is located at the end of a small lane, make sure you have the Waze App at hand.

Jl. Baitis Salmah Kavling, Tegal Rotan, Sawah Baru, Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan Banten 15413

+62 812-8098-908


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