It’s Friday!

A friend visited us yesterday and she told me many of the links in the recipes were broken, happy to report that they are fixed! You can now easily access to Indonesian translations 🙂

Would you like to know what purchase makes our life considerably more enjoyable in Jakarta? A movie projector. I highly recommend the one we have (it’s discontinued but there are newer versions of it): it’ s very small (pocket book size), weights nothing (we can bring it with us when traveling), takes 30 second to install (so we can put it away from the kids once we’re done watching) and allows us to get a cinema experience from our own bed! Sure, there’s the occasional toddler walk-in but when we are stuck at home or don’t want to battle traffic, it’s the best way to spend the evening.

I love going to the movies, and Jakarta’s theaters are great but they show the WORST movies! I’m not against blockbusters: super hero movie, romcom, you name it… but for the last several weeks there hasn’t been anything watchable (what is with the horror movie obsession?). Ok, rant over… We like to go to Grand Indonesia, which has a really good cinema and large choice of restaurants (our favourites are Saigon Delight for a quick but delicious Vietnamese fix, or Caffe Milano for a more formal Italian dinner).

Have you tried glamping?

Imagine if Jakarta’s empty rooftops could look like this.

On my to-do list.

Listen to this podcast about two babies who were switched at birth in 1951.

I’ve been looking into doll houses lately, some of which can be made or bought from Wisma Cheshire, a charity which helps people with disabilities (check here and here) but I’ll probably settle for this one for now (super smart design, right?).

Have a relaxing weekend everyone!

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