My favorite local products

One thing I really like about living in Jakarta is being able to find great local products. Besides fruits and vegetables, many local products make it to our weekly grocery list. Not only are those high quality products, many of them come from companies who make it their mission to support their local community and farmers.

East Java & Co – Amed Fleur de sel

East java co fleur sel

The pretty packaging is enough for me to want it, but what’s inside is next level fleur de sel. It is so good that I even pack it when I travel.

Veggie noodles from Javara

Noodles stir fry (Mie Goreng) are part of the weekly roster and Javara’s flavored noodles are perfect for that.

We also buy Javara’s coconut sugar and replace white sugar (cakes, dressing…).

Javara has an amazing range of Indonesia’s best fine foods: spices, teas, honey, oils, coffees… and their flagship store in Kemang is a great place to pick up gifts to bring back home.

Credits: Manual Jakarta

MiaChia healthy snacks

Mia Chia Snack

Vegan Kimchi from the Good Gut


The Good Gut has two kimchis, vegan and non-vegan. We like the first one more (no fishy smell) and often use it for quick fried rice.

We sometimes also buy their coconut yogurt but the texture is a bit inconsistent, sometimes be very thick or soft.

Fresh Coconut

How amazing is it that we’re able to drink coconut water anyway of the week? There are sold everywhere on the street and we usually buy two at a time and bottle them at home.

Ty Breizh

My husband says all their meat products taste authentically French and likes to order their artisanal sausages and pates.

Jon’s smokery

Jons smokery jakarta

For pork products, he likes to order from Jon’s Smokery (the bacon and breakfast patties).



Activated charcoal is a well-known remedy for food poisoning and is an absolute must-have in our medicine cabinet. It can found in any convenience store and supermarkets.

Baker Barn

Baker Barn Jakarta

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