Visiting Jakarta’s Chinatown with Jakarta Good Guide

Gedung Candra Naya

Remember when I told you about the walk with Jakarta Good Guide in Old Town? Well, during that tour, the guide mentioned his all time favorite tour was in Chinatown so naturally, I had to go for it!

It was a very good tour, and I liked it more than the previous one. It was different, out of the beaten path.

We walked for about 2h30-3h and stopped at several monuments (very few are still preserved), went deep into the Chinese neighborhood walking through wet markets, had quite a culinary experience at local food stalls and learned about the locally adapted Chinese culture (and that’s coming from someone who has lived in China for 10 years).

Here are some pictures, if you’d like to see.

Weekly pay-as-you-wish tours of Chinatown with Jakarta Good Guide (booking required).

Inside Gedung Candra Naya

Preparing for Chinese New Year festivities
Walking through a local market

Kopie Es Tak Kie, one of Jakarta’s oldest coffee shop (opened in 1927)
Remains of the temple Dharma Bhakti after a devastating fire almost brought it down last year.

Ending our tour at a vegan foodstall (“beef” rendang and satay made exclusively of mushroom)


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