Clay workshop at F. Widayanto’s gallery (Kuningan and Depok)

Someone from the Indonesian Heritage Society recently suggested visiting F. Widayanto gallery in Depok. I checked the website and noticed there was another location in Kuningan, walking distance from our home! Turns out I had been driving by very often but had never noticed it. The exterior is very discreet and a passerby would never guess how big it is on the inside.

There, pottery classes can be booked anytime (Monday-Sunday during office hours) for adults or children, for Rp145,000/person. The class takes 90min and can be booked for any number of participants (although max would probably be 20).

Most of the kids in our group couldn’t focus for that long but the green courtyard and the fishpond kept them busy. The teacher leading the class spoke little English but the instructions were simple enough : the kids were each given a piece of clay and some molds to work with (plenty to choose from: animals, superhero themed…).

At the end class, the teacher took the clay the kids had molded and gave us a receipt to be shown when picking up our work a month later. It’s a shame the kids don’t get to paint and bring their creations home but it was still a fun morning for both kids and parents.

The house itself, which serves as F. Widayanto’s gallery is worth visiting and private events can be organized for a minimum 15 participants (different meal packages starting at Rp150,000/person).

We actually had our son’s birthday here (a small gathering with a few of his classmates) and I highly recommend it. We booked a clay workshop so the kids played a bit, brought our own cake and drinks, and organized a little Easter egg hunt in the courtyard. It was something different for the kids, and involved no work for us parent (the staff prepared tea for the adults, gave us a space indoor to eat and drink and cleaned up afterwards at no additional cost).

F.Widayanto Ceramics Gallery

Taman Setiabudi 2 Street #11, Setiabudi, Kuningan, Jakarta 12910


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