How to: prepare for a medical emergency while living in Jakarta

What would you do in the event of a medical emergency? I’ve asked this question many times to local Jakartans, embassy staff, health professionals… Here I share what I have been able to gather over the last few months and how we prepare for such event.

Once you settle in Jakarta, it is important to find out what are the nearest hospitals, not just the expat clinics (which are usually not equipped to deal with serious injuries), but big local hospitals. I can’t give any personal recommendation, especially since it really depends on each neighborhood, the best I feel is to ask around (local people, embassy staff, doctors you may meet…). Take location/traffic into consideration, whether you prefer going to an expat clinic or a large public hospital, emergency facilities, perhaps whether or not the hospital has an agreement with your insurance… Familiarize with the various locations that you choose to go to in case of an emergency (yourself, AND driver AND nanny, if applicable).

Most expats know of SOS Medika, which is probably the largest clinic catering to expats in Jakarta (English-speaking staff). It has two locations:

  • Cipete clinic is opened 24/7 and has an emergency room.
  • Mega Kuningan clinic is only opened on weekdays from 8-6, and Saturdays from 8-2 and does not have emergency facilities

In case of an emergency, patients can call the 24h emergency hotline (021750 6001) where a doctor will assess the patient’s condition via phone and can either arrange an ambulance pick-up, send a doctor in for a home visit or organize an evacuation.

Note however that while SOS Medika caters to expats; it is not a full-service hospital and might not be equipped to deal with specific emergencies. In the area where we live, the people I have talked to have mainly pointed us towards Medistra hospital (Kuningan), which has an emergency room.

For the nanny

Because we have a nanny who often takes care of our two children alone, I have written a short guide (in English and Bahasa Indonesia) summarizing the actions to be taken in such circumstances. Feel free to download it here (Emergency Guide_translated), it is just a template, adapt it to your own needs and read it together to make sure there aren’t any unanswered questions.

For our nanny, we have also prepared an emergency kit with :

  • a printed copy of the emergency guide
  • a printed copy of child’s key medical information (name, date of birth, insurance card, medical summary) download here Key Information for the Child_Translated
  • parent and children passport copy
  • cash (in case our nanny needs to pay a deposit or medical fees and we can’t get to the hospital in time)

Other precautions

  • We and our nanny also carry important phone numbers written on a piece of paper (in case one loses his/her phone, runs out of batteries …).
  • It is wise to have a first aid kit at home for very minor injuries and show all adults of the house where it is and what’s in it (SOS Medika has a large selection of First Aid kits available for purchase).
  • Any particular medication your nanny should know about? Our son has certain food allergies and our nanny knows where to find his medecine and how to administer them.
  • Our nanny and I went through first aid training (SOS Medika organizes courses in English and Bahasa Indonesia).


Other emergency reads here and here.



For all emergencies : 112 (an integrated number for ambulance, hospitals, fire stations and police stations)

Your Embassy number (have it saved into your phone, just in case).

SOS Clinic (Mega Kuningan) – Emergency hotline +62 750 6001

Menara Prima Lantai 2, Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Blok 6.2, RT.5/RW.2, Kuningan

The clinic is on the second floor, take the elevator located outside of the building (on your left side, once you car drops you off in front of the building).

Medistra Hospital – Direct Line: 021-5210 201, Phone: 021-5210200 Ext. 110/111

Jalan Jendral Gatot Subroto Kav. 59, Kuningan Timur, RT.1/RW.4

When you enter the main gate of the hospital, drive straight into the emergency room (do not turn left to the main lobby).

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