Ordering custom made furniture from Danni Roestam

When we moved into our new home, we had almost no furniture and really needed a sideboard for extra storage. As I couldn’t find anything I liked, I started asking around and rapidly found out about Danni Roestam, a furniture maker. He was recommended over and over again by people who had beautifully made furniture, as well as here. Some of them have already moved out of the country, disassembled and reassembled their furniture without experiencing any issues.

The whole process went smoothly and we couldn’t be happier with our furniture, as well as with Danni’s level of service.

Here’s how our order went: I started with sending a picture of what we wanted, together with dimensions (through whatsapp, Danni speaks/writes good english).

Then Danni got back with different material options (plywood, recycled teak…) and we agreed on a budget. As I asked for wood that would be able to travel elsewhere and he recommended using recycled teak. I was a bit worried when he said he would be using automotive paint but it looks great (and there was no smell when he delivered it to our home). Several days later, he sent me drawings of the furniture to confirm the dimensions, shelving and started production (about 8 weeks).

He updated us during the production process by sending pictures and once the sideboard was ready, he came in person to install it.

Our sideboard cost Rp10 million (paid a 50% deposit upfront and the remaining after installation), which is definitely no small amount but we are so happy with it, we just wish we hadn’t bought anything from Ikea when we moved in (here is a smaller Ikea sideboard made of plywood which costs… the same)!

Danni Roestam – 0818 863 326

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