Shopping for kids decor in Jakarta

When I arrived in Jakarta last year, i had no Instagram account as that platform had been blocked in China for years. I didn’t quite understand its purpose but I am now hooked. I love the visual aspect of it of course, and am using it to share moments of our lives as well, but what I hadn’t predicted was that a lot of my Instagram use would be shopping related.

While most malls carry the same big brands that can be found anywhere else in the world, Instagram really offers alternative choices. Today I share with you some of my favorite kids decor store (some of them have physical stores, while others operate through Tokopedia or Instragram, orders can be placed via WhatsApp and Line).

Recently, several of my friends have given birth to their second child, often a second boy. Since they already have everything from their first child, what would be a nice baby gift I wonder. Something handmade perhaps?

The Alice Place – Scandinavian-style kid home accessories

MyBabyRoo – A large baby store selling everything from strollers to diaper bg. I particularly like their playmats (on Instagram and Tokopedia). 

Maison Elmesa – baby blankets (a bit off topic but so cute)

MaaliCustom baby bedding

LinoLuna Kids – A kid concept store (brick & mortar store at Kemang Village, and online)

Hello Jolie – Kids Furniture made in Indonesia (custom orders possible)

Little BradleyScandinavian-style kid home accessories

Duduk Shop – Kids decor using colourful Indonesian Batik (the brand was founded by two Dutch designers during an expatriation in Indonesia).

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