It’s Friday!

So Elliott’s birthday is in a month (he’ll turn 4, YAY!) and although I am feeling a little peer pressure to organize a big birthday party with theme, favors, bouncy castle… I think we’ll just have 3 or 4 of his favorite people and a homemade cake. We had a bigger party last year and he didn’t enjoy any of it. (Btw, we used Burgreens for catering, they were amazing! and some guests were shocked when told afterwards that everything was vegetarian). For his birthday, I want to paint his room in a bright colour (turquoise or yellow?) and buy this bed (currently, his mattress is on the floor, montessori-style, or more like we-never-got-around-to-buying-him-a-bed-kinda-style…).

Have you heard of Piquant, the new restaurant from the owners of Chicory Patisserie in Menteng? I’m really excited about it, Jakarta has very good restaurants but there really aren’t enough owner operated ones. Piquant is very pricey (Rp1,2++ million for 5 courses, Rp 1,8++ million for the chef tasting menu) but a friend who’s tried it said it deserves a Michelin star. We’ll start saving for a very special occasion 🙂 You can have a peek at the place and food here.

The Java Jazz Festival is coming to town very soon (3-5th March). Have you been to previous editions? What did you think of it? We went to a jazz concert last year at the same venue (JIEXPO in Kemayoran). The overall organization was not great, and the acoustics were even worse so I’m undecided.

Beautiful leather handbags from Doxology, an Indonesian accessories brand.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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