Kid clothing brands from Indonesia

(top by Poupee Baby)

Have you ever been to Sabtu Santai? It’s a designers’ market held every few months in Jakarta, usually in a nice location (Club Kemang, Temple Trees…). It is quite small but worth visiting if you are after independent designers. We made some great discoveries there, among them Poupee Baby, a local brand that blends Indonesian accents with modern cuts and prints (you can find them on Instagram and order via mail or WhatsApp, limited stocks available).

From there I discovered a few other very cute Indonesian brands, which also only exist on Instagram. Some of them can be found in concept stores like LinoLuna Kids or can be ordered directly via Line/WhatsApp/Mail.

Glad to have local (and more affordable!) alternatives to mainstream brands (btw I also love this place).


Jumma Kids

Petite Zosia

Do you know any other local kid clothing brands ? I’d love to hear!

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